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Home is more than just a place. It is a safe haven. It is the expression of the personality of the household members, their energy expressed through the decor. A home where you can feel good requires an appropriate arrangement. It is worth turning to professionals who create furniture from scratch, made to measure. Then you have a guarantee that each piece of furniture will match the others.

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Furniture that enriches the interior

We offer several models of upholstered furniture (from corners, through sofas, to benches and chairs) and several extensive collections of hard furniture. Our recipients receive from us the highest quality products with a high level of detail.
Two teams take care of this: a team of 20 specialized craftsmen, located in the production hall of wooden (hard) furniture, and a team of over 100 professionals in an upholstered furniture factory. Looking at the current team, it's hard to believe that 15 years ago we started as a team of two. Our development over the years proves that we are building success based on the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to help create the beautiful and functional interiors of your homes, offices, and gardens.
Regardless of whether you are looking for equipment for already furnished spaces, or you plan the interior design from scratch – we are able to adapt each project to your requirements. We encourage you to contact us and see our ready-made furniture collections.

Our story

We have been on the market for 15 years and we are still developing – it is thanks to our passion and reliability that we have built a solid foundation for our business: customer trust. The beginning of our company was the trade of upholstery articles. Along with the development of the business, we gained invaluable knowledge about the secrets of interior design – furniture is an indispensable element of an elegant and functional space arrangement. We have expanded our offer to be able to comprehensively support our clients in creating and enriching the space around the hearth.

Today we run two parallel business lines:
1. We have not forgotten about the roots, and we continue to distribute top-class upholstery items. The base of our loyal customers is still growing, which is the best proof that we focus on quality and professionalism.
2. We produce a wide range of furniture in two factories. Thanks to this, we are able to carry out both serial orders and deliver personalized, individual orders. Flexibility is our advantage, we listen to our clients and help them take the shape of their dream space.

We are currently working with domestic clients, as well as clients from Germany and the Netherlands. Both domestic and foreign recipients appreciate the quality we provide. We are constantly expanding our offer so that our furniture exceeds the expectations of consumers and serves reliably for many years. A dream home decor is a client's project, we bring these dreams to life.

Continuously since 2005


years on the furniture market.

Upholstered furniture

Are you looking for comfortable, high-quality, and practical furniture? Check out our collection of upholstered furniture – sofas, chairs and corner sofas available in various options and a wide range of colors. Regardless of the style of your space arrangement – you will surely find something suitable!

Hard furniture

We have many collections that will add elegance and life to any interior. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from: Italian classics, Dutch elegance, functional minimalism, or retro luxury. Each of our furniture enriches the interiors of our clients' homes.


Do you like to decide and change your space, and at the same time want to keep your budget in check? We have the perfect solution, thanks to which a one-time investment will not deprive you of your freedom of choice. Smartbox is a piece of furniture that you can freely configure according to your references.


Because we know furniture best, we know how to care for it and what to enrich it with. Add a tasteful elegance to your space – check out our offer of furniture accessories. We have everything you and your furniture need.


Do you know that...

  • wood, next to stone, is one of the oldest 
    human-used materials?

  • wood in a room where the temperature and humidity
     are relatively constant can survive up to 2000 years?

  • wood is a renewable resource? 
    It can be produced continuously without exhausting the resources.

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